Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Its here again! After valiantly braving the last catastrophic volcano, tsunami, earthquake and hurricane the end of the world is near again. The North Atlantic current has gotten disrupted, and the next ice age is about to begin! We can only watch with helpless fear as hurricanes in Los Angeles, tidal waves in New York city, and hail stones in Tokyo and Delhi pound human life with nature’s ruthless fury, once again reminding us that we are nothing but a tiny flicker of life in a vast and bottomless ocean of darkness…Oh! And I forgot to mention! Yet again, America saves the world! This time though, it has realized the immense benefit of scientific collaboration with governments round the world. And so it comes to pass…this latest danger, and the greatest until now. We are safe once more, at least for the time being. However, now, we have to (again) begin the Herculean task of reconstructing our almost annihilated civilization…
Of course, I am talking about the latest disaster flick on the block, “The Day after Tomorrow”. The moment I heard about the movie, I resolved to watch it as soon as it was released. This resolve was admittedly not weakened by reviews, including one surprisingly in Nature, the premier scientific journal in the world (?). Anyway, I finally made it to the first show, the day before yesterday. To cut a long story short, I thought the movie was good but not outstanding. Anyway, even though I had wanted to watch the movie, I never actually expected that it would be great. That’s because there’s usually nothing more to such disaster flicks other than special effects. And that’s one thing I have to admit. The special effects were superb. The story was ok, but, as one of my friends pointed out, some of the parts were truly Bollywood ishtyle. Especially the father braving the worst climatic events in 10000 years just to save his son, when he had absolutely no guarantee as to his son’s whereabouts, let alone his fate. But apart from that, the movie was great entertainment, as such movies sometimes are. Moreover, I was pretty confident that it would be that because I had really enjoyed the director, Roland Emmerich’s earlier makings, Godzilla and Independence Day. So, the bottom line is that if you are an enthusiast of typical such movies, go ahead enjoy! On a much more interesting note, this movie is apparently stirring up political and environmental issues (again). Now this is interesting. If such movies actually cause politicians to rethink about environmental pollution and global warming to any extent, then bravo Emmerich!


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