Monday, October 25, 2004


If God existed, he would surely look like this (or a close replica thereof).

Yesterday was one of the most memorable days of my life. I met Richard Rhodes, a hero of mine, and one of America's most honored writers, who got the Pulitzer Prize for his book, 'The making of the atomic bomb', a profound and terrifying odyssey through the science, politics and carnage of the twentieth century. This book, which I have read many times, is one of the most influential books that I have ever read, and one which turned me into Rhodes's eternal fan. He is a truly versatile writer, as attested to by his remarkable choice of topics for his books (of which there are twenty, most of them having received prestigious awards). These topics include: confessions of a maverick criminologist, a year in the life of an American farmer, a most candid account of erotic explorations, a haunting account of mad cow disease, a disturbed and enlightened childhood in Missouri, the making of the hydrogen bomb, nuclear renewal, the Nazi SS and the invention of the Holocaust, and most lately, a biography of John James Audubon, the American naturalist and artist, famous for his rendering of birds as they look in real life. It was this book that he was here to sign. Of course, I got my copy signed and two pictures with him. All the above books are brilliantly written, extraordinarily researched. His attention to detail is outstanding, and still his writing isn't overdone for a moment.
God has arrived on earth. Let his will be done. Let Nuclear Power be the source of life and electricity in the future.


Blogger Sampada said...

Hey!! So you DID meet him...and whats more you even took a photograph! Thats so cool! I've NEVER met any of my favourite writers....I feel so deprived now...::sob::

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