Thursday, March 16, 2006

Nice new blog to further the efforts to polish Chemistry's shoes, press its clothes, and give it a facelift...all of which is completely unnecessary of course if the public does not keep associating the science with oil spills, toxins in the environment, gucky green goblins in the lab, and "environmental pollution".

Nature introduces The Skeptical Chymist. The title comes from a little quaint book by the same name published by the 'Honourable' Robert Boyle, the father of chemistry, who demolished Aristotle's four-elements dogma and established the Royal Society in 1660.

Comes on the heels of the American Chemical Society's national meeting in Atlanta on March 26th (which reminds me to get back to work on the poster that I am presenting...)


Blogger Kapilmuni said...

And what would be my interest in a blog full of chemicals? ;-)

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Blogger Kapilmuni said...

RYC: Oh yes, I am aware of Kissing-her's statements abour Mrs. Indira Gandhi. He called her a bitch or something like that - well he can be excused for his prescience though - he called her in 1971 what many Indians were calling her in 1977 anyweay ;-)

Most of the content of the post was from my memory of what I had read. The dates were fron Wikepedia, the genocide numbers were from a Bangladeshi website, and the names of Indian army officers were from a war history site created by ex-personnel of the Indian army.

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