Tuesday, March 13, 2007


When you get a recurring email for about five years about the same disease, you start somewhat uncomfortably but surely tossing it into the trash can. My standard recurring mail, as I am sure is true for many of you, is the 'small cell lung cancer' one. Although the disease is very serious, how can one trust anonymous emails forwarded by a friend's friend's friend's friend's...?

But this time, my good friend Neelesh has a story that is quite authentic because it's happening with someone he knows exists, someone he knows is looking for help. A seven year old boy named 'Piyush' has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, an (obviously) life-threatening disease. As expected, the cost needs to be measured in thousands of dollars, and the family cannot afford the whole treatment. A considerable amount of money has been collected until now, but the costs for these treatments usually look like bottomless pits, and there's still a reasonable way to go.

Sunita Thomas's blog details the story until now.

I am just putting up this story because for once, I can talk about an authentic case. As Neelesh rightly says, in this age of forwards, genuine issues can be lost among the noise and cynicism. So here it is. If you feel it worthwhile, put this up on your blog. While it's not within my capacity to actually help the family, one person more who knows about this who can actually help in some way, will be one important person who has helped a family in crisis.

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