Tuesday, May 15, 2007


There's also a sick video on Youtube named "Killer Bite" in which a warped mind has a video of his pet boa strangling and consuming two of his pet rabbits who are minding their own business, eating carrots and grass. I thought that the video was incredibly cruel, and it's quite clear that its sole purpose is entertainment, especially considering the ostentatious ominous sounding battle music in the background. The pervert has blocked comments, but if you find the video offensive, please do flag it as inappropriate.

However, what was even more appalling than the video were the comments. Some said "O it's ok, this is exactly what happens in nature". Well, once in a while lions also kill human beings in the wild. Should we feed convicts or normal human beings to lions and say that that too is "natural"? Others said that "It's the rabbits who were too stupid...why didn't they dodge the boa?". I don't even want to respond to these gits. Also, rabbits are not exactly the 'natural' food of boas (not that feeding birds would have been any more humane). Who knows if the boa was deliberately starved before letting him loose on the rabbits, which is perfectly possible.

In any case, quite apart from the fact that nature is indeed red in tooth and claw, this kind of deliberate setup shows an extraordinary apathy and condescension towards nature and animals. This pompous human being needs to be summarily condemned.

Even when such a thing is natural, there are limits. I always recount a story about Charles Darwin which indicates that it is possible to be an objective observer of nature as well as a humane person. Darwin was treading through some forest in South America, when he saw a wasp repeatedly stinging a spider and flying away. The spider was desperately trying to get back at the wasp, flailing and steadily faltering. Darwin the dedicated naturalist could have documented the entire episode in his diary dispassionately, but he did not; he put the spider out of its misery by instantly killing him.

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Blogger Patrix said...

reminds me of the fact that only humans can kill or watch killings for sport.

4:34 PM  
Blogger ShintreBABA said...

Just had to say how completely I agree with Patrix --
The Charles Darwin story was perfect in this case -
What is the media bringing us to? -- This was comparable to "reality" shows -- why do we want to watch something "take its natural (scandalous) course" instead of learning from the past and encouraging saner lifestyles for the generations of today and tomorrow~?

Well written Ash~

10:25 PM  
Blogger Ashutosh said...

Absolutely right...we are just increasingly a society stricken with morbid fascination, with no compassion.

Long time no see Ash :)

7:08 PM  

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