Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Among all the (rather predicted) stupidity over Rushdie's being knighted, there is something the contradiction of which immediately underscored itself when I read it.

Iran's parliament:
"Salman Rushdie has turned into a hated corpse which cannot be resurrected by any action," First Deputy Speaker Mohammad Reza Bahonar told Iran's parliament.The action by the British Queen in knighting Salman Rushdie, the apostate, is an unwise one," he said to loud applause from MPs.

"The British monarch lives under this illusion that Britain is still a 19th Century superpower and that bestowing titles is something still deemed important."

So, if this bloke thinks that nobody should give a diatom for British knighthoods, why does he himself give so many diatoms? Won't the best way of underscoring his conviction about the insignificance of knighthoods be to simply ignore them? From his outrage, one can immediately understand how important knighthoods for 'apostates' are for him really.

Of course, this is Iran, and so it should not be surprising. But this is something I really fail to realise; if people's faith is so firm and profound, how on earth can it constantly be shaken by such happenings? The only sensible interpretation here is that they have ingrained teachings from their holy book that have apparently instructed them to react violently almost as a reflex action over every small and sundry thing such as this one.



Blogger Sumedha said...

I hope Rushdie lives a long and healthy life; and writes a couple more magical novels :)

Suggested topic: Khomeini's Iran.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Ashutosh said...

Ah, The Beard and his Bearded Cabal. Good idea...hopefully sometime.

9:11 AM  

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