Monday, October 01, 2007


Bill Maher perfectly echoes my own sentiments about the whole inane Ahmadinejad debacle. Either you invite him and allow him to speak, or you don't invite him. Period. Why invite him and then subject him to vitriol? That's a complete waste of time; you were already doing it ad nauseum in the media. The way I see it, Columbia University president Bollinger decides to invite him, then is faced with this ridiculously overinflated backlash from people and the press, so then he decides to get all tough and vindicate himself in the eyes of everyone by badmouthing and insulting Ahmadinejad during the session. So silly.

I think the backlash was overinflated because everyone was insulting him before anyway. And in my opinion, it is all the more silly because knowing Ahmadinejad, what was he going to say differently during his speech that was going to lead to some great revelation? All his bluster about the Holocaust and Israel are, as Maher says, mainly political selling points. He was going to at most make some weak and ineffectual excuse and deflect criticism. Nothing was going to change either because he came to America, or because people asked him tough questions during his "talk".

As usual, the only thing that came out of the whole pony show was more massive revenue for the media. What a waste of time.

And of course, it is another quite foregone conclusion that the media and especially the right wing media is simply using Iran as a straw man to beat their war drums, when the real and more serious sources of terrorist activity are Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

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