Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Even if the Indo-US nuclear deal is failing, it should not mean India's nuclear power generation should also instantly fail. We could have a robust power generation capability for at least a few years more, but only if we don't divert uranium into weapons building. We already have a minimum credible deterrent, and any such further activity will undermine our electricity generation and possibly engender insecurity and instability in an important part of the world...

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Anonymous Siddharth said...

Hey ashutosh,

Great article. Although I have not commented in a while, I do read all your well researched articles thoroughly.

My only point here is that the Uranium stocks might be enough to last out current reactors for a few years, but what about massive capacity increase? I mean, we should be plenty dozens of nuclear power plants across the country. A conservative estimate is that India needs to double its power generation capacity in the next 5 years, which amounts to about 135,000 MW. Currently the aim is to do this primarily through 4000 MW coal plants, comically named 'ultra mega power plants'. While I am really not an environmentalist, one has to admit that this strategy will have a significant environmental impact. If instead we could build large scale nuclear reactors, like France, this would be a much better and cleaner way to tackle the power shortage. Ofcourse, to do that, we will need to import plenty of Uranium. What do you think?

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