Wednesday, December 26, 2007


After much procrastination (especially because my university had partial access), I finally purchased a print subscription to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (known to aficionados as "The Bulletin"). The magazine was launched in 1945 by nuclear pioneers and Manhattan Project scientists out of concern that the public was not getting enough and reasoned information about nuclear energy and weapons policy. The Bulletin is probably most famous since then for the Doomsday Clock, whose hands are moved closer to 12 o'clock whenever there is a perceived nuclear crisis in the world. The magazine publishes articles by leading scientists and policy makers on everything related to nuclear energy and weapons, including analyses of disarmament, fissile material, nuclear terrorism, missile defence, nuclear proliferation and peaceful uses of nuclear energy to name a few.

One recent article from The Bulletin I remember is by a guy whose name I am blanking out on right now, about the futility and dangers of developing "small" "bunker buster" nukes with "only" sub-kiloton yields, designed to destroy underground installations. This was a typical way for the administration to blur the boundary between nuclear weapons and conventional weapons and promote more spending on "better" nuclear weapons. The project was finally shelved temporarily.



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