Friday, May 23, 2008


It seems that the world could be saved by Canadians and old guys after all. Mark Muller, a car dealer in Missouri is giving away a free gun with every car that he sells. Eager customers flocked to his dealership and chose the gun over the alternative- a gas card for 120$. Only "one guy from Canada and an old guy" chose the gas card over the gun.

In addition, the dealer says that his generous offer is inspired by Barack Obama's statement about feeling compassion for people in the Midwest who are driven to religion and paranoid self-arming. In an admirable reinterpretation of this statement, Mr. Muller found it offensive:
Owner Mark Muller said: "We're just damn glad to live in a free country where you can have a gun if you want to...Barack Obama said all those people in the Midwest, you've got to have compassion for them because they're clinging to their guns and their Bibles. I found that quite offensive. We all go to church on Sunday and we all carry guns"
Way to go. While Muller and most people who bought cars from him will be huddled in a corner in their church, clutching their guns and bibles, becoming paranoid every passing moment while gas runs out, hopefully the guy from Canada and the old guy would have bought enough gas with their card to make a speedy getaway before all these people start firing their beloved weapons at each other.

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