Friday, December 12, 2008


I don't know how many heard of the ludicrous tale that is being woven around a Christmas nativity scene in the Washington State capitol. In short, someone put up a little exhibit illustrating the baby Jesus Christ (born from a virgin mother of course)as part of the Christmas celebrations in the state capitol. After a couple of days, atheists put up an atheist sign which basically said that religion is senseless and that there is no God and there are natural causes for everything etc. etc. The sign was then duly stolen by someone and later reinstalled.

I personally think that there was no need for atheists to do this; there are much better ways in which they can make their point. At the same time the Catholic League went off on its own deluded trajectory. But was expected after this, an entire troupe of ranting loons, pious evangelicals and people with their own agendas have essentially lined up with their own signs. The implication is clear; if you respect Christianity and atheism and give them a platform, why not respect every other worldview out there? Foremost among the loons were members of the viciously anti-American, anti-gay, anti-Catholic, anti-Muslim, anti-virtually everything Westboro Baptist Church who brought a sign saying "Santa Claus will take you to Hell". Let them put it up I say!

But the creme de la creme was a Festivus pole that someone brought to the capitol and demanded that they be allowed to put it up. That's right. Festivus. The fictional annual holiday invented in a famous Seinfeld episode. My jaw muscles are really hurting from all the laughing.

This is what happens when you mix church and state. Everybody wants to be heard then. I personally am still on the side of the FSM. The capitol should be draped in his noodly appendages.

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