Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For the love of science

So I am trying to find possible groups interested in science meeting up in NJ and my friend suggests this site called So I type in my zip code and ask the site to find people or groups interested in "science" within 25 miles. Among the twenty or so hits are included "The NY/NJ group for parents with science careers" (11 members) and "Red Bank Life Science Discussion Group" (4 members). Good for them, but almost everything else includes things like

The Monroe Township Law of Attraction Meetup Group (28 members)
Princeton NJ ~Tantra Awakening ~The Art Of Conscious Loving (42 members)
Princeton Holistic Clinic (98 members)
The Central New Jersey Astrology Meetup Group (6 members)
The Healers' Guild (37 'adepts')

Both the predominance of these groups and their member counts indicate that the 5+ years that I spent learning and doing science in graduate school were futile after all. But at least it does seem that we are catching up with astrology.



Blogger Hirak said...

Maybe if you got some celeb to endorse 'science' it might get sexier than astrology and quack therapies.

Perhaps, science needs a good advertising - see Mary Eddy Baker and Christian Science. I bet you have a lot more hits on that!

Or you can adapt or perish.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Pies said...

Princeton has an ACS local section that is quite active. Also the Trenton one is quite accessible. If you email me I can give you the email and name of who to contact to get on the list.

2:19 PM  

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