Tuesday, June 08, 2004


The day since I started following the "Apple a day..." maxim, I have been catapulted into another constant problem. Apple splashes. I like to browse the web or read when I am eating my apple. Little did I know that every bite of mine sends microscopic drops of apple juice flying across...everywhere; the keyboard and mouse, books and papers, headphones, calculator, and the picture of my 2 year old nephew that I keep on the table. The problem with these splashes are, since they are microscopic, I can't see them. But when they dry up, the whole place feels sticky. So everyday before I leave work, I have to wipe all the above mentioned things with a wet cloth. Why couldn't they make the texture of apples more like bananas? Tender and soft, without you having to assault them everytime you take a bite?...Another big unanswered question in the world...


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