Saturday, August 14, 2004


The case of the Dhanonjay Chatterjee hanging again brings to light the intense myth and bombast creating ability of the media. Its absolutely appaling how much the media has batted this to and fro for the last two months now. I am not saying that the issue does not deserve debate or attention. However, it is quite clear that the media is not discussing the issue primarily as a human sentiment arousing debate but as a platform for rhetoric which it is undoubtedly profiting from. However, I strongly think that this is yet another thing which they have conveniently borrowed from the American way of life. The only difference is that in America, they are discussing much more important issues, such as the resignation of the New Jersey Governer who came out of the closet and announced that he is gay...
The media question has no easy solution. That is mainly because of the sometimes protective function which the hyberbole of the media serves. For example, a lot of times, many issues would not have been brought to light at all, had not the media made such a big hue and cry about them. Minority and special demands groups are entirely dependent on the media for acting as a mediator between them and the 'outside world'. It seems that the media is a necessary evil. The only strategy for not letting the media go on the loose all the time would be a personal one. I think it would be entirely upto the individual to ignore or fuel their aspirations. Of course, we are all doing that to some extent. But maybe we need to do it more and better to keep them in check.


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