Sunday, November 21, 2004


In August, there was an accident at a nuclear power plant in Japan which killed four people. In the news article which the BBC ran on it, there was a 'Have your say' section in which they asked the question 'Is Japan too reliant on nuclear power'? and then invited readers to voice their opinions. It was a very pleasant surprise to me when, except one reader, all the others vouched for the necessity and benefits of nuclear power, and many even pointed out that it's much more safe than conventional power sources. As far as nuclear power goes, the common man finally seems to have come of age. Bravo! Now we may at last become a bit more optimistic about future power crises.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to have a blog from u that my chhota mendu can pelofy!!
n as far as war is concerned... I believe that we should be prepared for war ONLY to keep war-loving-people at bay!!! :-)
regarding the other benefits of nuclear power.. me tuzya blog war lihina = suryala torch dakhawana hoil....

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