Wednesday, December 08, 2004

In Pictures: Presidents at Play

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An exhibition of rarely seen presidential photos has opened in Washington. Here Ronald Reagan laughs at one of his own jokes on board Air Force One. (Photo: National Archives/Reagan Library)

Quite ironical.
1. He laughs at his own joke because no one else laughs at it.
2. Actually that's not true. He laughs at his own joke and forces everyone else to laugh at it.
3. Given some of the policies, especially foreign policies, which he was responsible for, it's more likely that only he laughs at his joke because, at least in the rest of the world, no one else laughs at it.
4. Maybe we SHOULD be more appreciative. The man really was supposed to have a great sense of humour. And humour is always a great way to get out of a thorny situation...

That's Reagan for you.


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