Monday, May 30, 2005


X's desk is between Y's and Ashutosh's (A's) desk.
Monday afternoon, 3.00 p.m. A, Y and X are the only three people in the modeling lab (not THAT kind of modeling)
A is eating cornflakes, having skipped lunch, in the continuing war against the dietary devil. Y is already a valiant survivor, and hails from Turkey. X is Americana. Typical conversation between A and Y (yet again) follows...

Y: Hey A, don't keep the cornflakes packet and the milk carton on top of the CPU.
A: That's OK. Both are kept there right in front of me, because I want to see how long I can resist temptation after I am done with this snack.
Y: Yeah. But you should not keep liquids on top of CPUs. What if it spills?
A: Don't worry. I always screw on the cap very tightly, mainly to keep odors from the Unidentified Chinese Eatables (UCE) in the fridge from getting in.
Y: What about the cornflakes? By the way, they contain enough calories so that if you eat them constantly, it won't make a difference whether you skip lunch or not.
A: Yes. But I believe that the calories in these are of the fast-burning types. So they will quickly disappear.
Y: Anyway, skipping meals is not going to help. The point is, you will just eat more for dinner.
A: I WON'T. That's precisely the test.
Y: But are you going to keep eating burritos for dinner?
A: Yessir
Y: Ha! So much for the diet.
A: No listen; I told them to take out the sour cream from the burritos. That's about 200 cals.
Y: Ha! What about the tortilla flour wrap? That's about 200 cals itself.
A: I know all that. But dependence is a persistent animal that can only gradually be taken care of. That's why the skipped meal.
Y: Won't work. Every year, I fast for one month, and then I just end up eating more.
A: That's why I am NOT going to do this for a month. It's all about quick fat burning.
Y: Won't work. First the proteins in your muscles will burn, only then the fat; by that time, you will be panting for food.
A: It's not that simple. These metabolic cycles are interlinked. Let me check in my favourite Biochemistry textbook. O, by the way, I also told them to take out LETTUCE from my burrito. I am sure that will help...

X: Look, why don't you just ingest a tapeworm or something?? That way, you will keep away from EVERYTHING, and most importantly, you won't have to ARGUE any further...


Blogger Hirak said...

Oscar Wilde said
"Anything that is good in life is either illegal, immoral or fattening."

12:44 PM  
Blogger Ashutosh said...

Excellent! As usual, his wit and shrewd appraisal impresses me once again!

4:17 PM  

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