Thursday, August 04, 2005

I am in seventh heaven...(and no...NOT the restaurant near Lohagaon that someone pointed out to me in one of the poorer-in case of PJs actually meaning 'better'- PJs cracked a few days back!!)

For the gargantuan price of ONE DOLLAR each, I accidentally discovered and bought:

1. The classic Fundamentals of Physics, Sixth Edition, Hardcover by Resnick, Halliday and Walker
2. The well-known Calculus by Stewart
3. A charming volume; The New Turing Omnibus- 66 excursions in Computer Science by A. K. Dewdney, a collection of miscellaneous and entertaining topics in Computer Science and its applications.

"Mala faar sahi wattay!!" ("I am feeling very signature"...ok, that was a really bad one...)


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