Thursday, March 16, 2006

Meine Damen und Herren, let me introduce Artharaja (not his real name of course), my cousin, a true professed book lover like many of us, and extremely well-versed in many topics of broad sweep, including religion, politics, science and philosophy. Not to mention the more humdrum fields of economics and finance that constitute his profession.;-)
I have always been impressed by his knowledge of religion, and especially Hinduism and Christianity. I doubt that even practising members of these respective sects know that much about where they are coming from (and going to).
His other incarnation is Dharmaraja, where he blogs more about religious matters. Among notable reads are some of his posts in which he explains Hindu mythology and customs to his friends in the Western hemisphere, and other ignoramuses in the East like me.
For some godforsaken, impenetrable reason, he prefers to blog on bloopdiary rather than blogspot, although he occasionally updates his blogspot base.

He writes a comprehensive entry on the India-US nuclear deal, and how it casts us in a favourable light, bringing us the recognition as an exceptionally stable democracy that we have been. I concur. We should also get much needed electronics and other kind of technology, which until now could always be connected with bomb-building in a roundabout way and therefore denied to us. In fact I think that may be the real benefit.


Blogger Kapilmuni said...

Vielen danks for die Introduction!

Actually, I have replicated the nuclear energy deal entry on blogspot.

Do I owe the couple of anonymous comments on bloop to this introduction?

Have you seen the entry on East Pakistan?

12:20 AM  

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