Thursday, May 04, 2006

Books newly arrived from Amazon:
1. The one true platonic heaven: A scientific fiction of the limits of knowledge- John Casti
2. Brotherhood of the bomb: The tangled lives and loyalties of Robert Oppenheimer, Ernest Lawrence, and Edward Teller- Gregg Herken
3. Rousseau's Dog: Two great thinkers at war in the age of enlightenment- Eidinow and Edmonds

Along with a few earlier ones, this hopefully concludes my shameless, thriftless spending for this semester. I am really lucky the library is so resourceful, otherwise I don't know how quickly I would have had to hit the road after being bankrupt. Still, inspite of the library, any book lover would commiserate with me when I say that nothing beats holding the crisp, fresh smelling pages of a new book that you own in your own hands. Also, praise the carpeting in the United States that makes up for the lack of bookshelves (but not when it has chilli sauce spilt on it by accident- a grim tale for another time...)


Anonymous Anirudh said...

This book-lover agrees.

11:00 PM  

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