Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mega Mozart

My first big (and independent!) music purchase: Mozart Complete Masterworks Collection.

40 CDs of the master's best symphonies, concertos, sonatas, quartets, operas, and variations, including all my favourite ones that I have ever heard, and the collection is worth every penny. Mozart was the first composer I ever heard in my life, and he has always been my favourite, and I believe the greatest of them all (an opinion I seem to share with the old one).

Thanks to Chris who alerted me to this terrific deal on EBay. I had never done business on the site before. But it turned out to be smooth and efficient. I got the shipment after about 10 days, in excellent condition. The performing artists include Sir Charles Mackerras
That's enough Mozart for a long time to come. And all at a cool 110$. I paid 20$ only for the shipping, but then that's how they make their money. In any case, the best deal was the raw price of 90$. I at least got the second best deal.

One thing I realised about a lot of people I met here (by no means most of them), who listen to classical music as a pastime- I realised that that's the only purpose of music for them: as a pastime. I found a couple of people who were playing classical music in the background, but when I asked them what they were playing, they had no idea. So it was not like they were playing their favourite pieces with deliberation, but that they simply had picked up some music in a store or off the internet, and were playing it as elevator music. Boo hoo.


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