Saturday, April 08, 2006

Stick to your principles please:

It is interesting how the 'evangelical' people who oppose abortion (and stem cell research) on the grounds that the development and right to life, liberty and freedom of a living organism is being thwarted, are also the same ones who impinge upon and suppress all the rights and liberties of that life if it turns out to have homosexual inclinations later in life. If you are being ultraconservative and pseudo-puritanical, at least don't be a hypocrite. That is the most pitiful situation you can be in. As they say, if you are being a thief, at least be an honest thief. At least be a consistent bigot like Hitler, so that history will remember you as one of its prime evil participants. At least give a fair chance to Satan to count you as one of his legitimate children. But these hypocritical ideologues are not even going to end up as a footnote to a footnote in history. Tch. What a pity that we still have to waste our time in fighting their ideology. Where is that glorious lost age of worthy opponents?!


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