Friday, May 26, 2006

The King and the Don...

Larry King interviewed (Warning: Transcript may be heavily edited!) Donald Rumsfeld. I was expecting that there would be at least some excitement, but there was none. There were two problems. The first one is King's well-known non confrontational style. While that has always been an asset with him, enabling people to warm up to him much more easily, it can also make him go soft on people who don't deserve such a soft approach.
The second problem is of course the time. Constraints are usually such (and this was the Pentagon...) that King can ask one question only once, and cannot afford to elaborate on it much. So essentially Rumsfeld was free to dwell on whatever stuff he wanted to, and free to swerve away from the really contentious issues by essentially dismissing them in a sentence or two, without being anxious of King grilling him about them. I felt that King should have grilled Rumsfeld a little more by at least citing some sources that lambast him about such things as WMDs and Guantanamo. Overall, I think that King usually does a decent job, but sometimes, under the objective of making the other person feel comfortable by asking cute questions, he ends up spending less time on the really important ones.
Tch, the problems with being a nice guy...(I am talking about King of course)


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