Friday, July 13, 2007


China's former head of food and drug regulation, Zheng Xiaoyu, has been executed for accepting gifts worth almost a million dollars and thus compromising drug safety. What Xiaoyu did was despicable, no doubt, but the fact that he was sentenced directly to death and executed in less than a month just makes me get a chilling feeling. Every country is free to dispense its own brand of justice, but the fact this can happen so quickly without an appeal or bail just does not sound right. Can we remotely imagine the former FDA head to be be sentenced to death and executed within a month for such malpractices? In fact, there's no single developed country where I can imagine this happening. Of course I can also not imagine this in India, but I don't even imagine it happening in Pakistan. The only countries where I can think of something like this being so swiftly implemented are of the likes of Saudi Arabia and Iran. That this apparently regularly happens in a country which promises to be the next potential superpower leaves me squirming and uncomfortable...without a doubt.



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