Thursday, November 15, 2007


After two days of making a thin pretense at maintaining a low profile, the thick-skinned toad that is Prakash Karat has again raised his warts and started making noises about the nuclear deal. How can this man be involved in what his party is doing in Nandigram and sleep at night? No amount of literary criticism can guage the depths of moral depravity and hypocrisy in such people. The Nandigram debacle is classic communist repression at its most pernicious, and yet the people of Bengal allow this government to continue? This is the time when every citizen of the country should revolt against these monsters. Invoke simple justice, or if you really need a political cause, invoke the rapes of women in Nandigram, or invoke the miserable treatment of minorities. All of these are resoundingly valid in this situation. As Amit Varma has pointed out, lack of property rights to millions of poor people in our country is translating into a moral travesty second to none in the annals of our history. I really feel stunned with this scenario; with both the despicable insects in the government as well as the favour-seeking industrialist hogs who stuff their pockets with cash being pitted against the people, who is going to help them? It is at such times that I come close to supporting armed revolution against the government. Why don't those lakhs of farmers whose land has been taken and whose kin have commited suicide march on Parliament with sticks and stones if necessary? At this point, I get the feeling that only physical threats of violence is going to make the government change their horrendous and outdated laws. We have set new records for hidebound selfishness and cruelty. Nobody in our government is trustworthy...nobody. What is going to happen to us at this rate?

Oh, and I take back that statement about Karat being a toad. Don't want to insult toads. Seriously.


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