Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Here's something I wonder about creationist/IDist Michael Behe- what does he say in class? He is a tenured professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University. Lehigh has a disclaimer on their site divorcing themselves from his creationist views and emphasizing nicely that the real and perhaps only reason ID cannot be taught in science classes is because it is not science. Period. (Noted by Sandwalk)

But I wonder what Behe teaches in his classes if he teaches them at all. If you are teaching a biochemistry or biology class, you cannot help but occasionally run into evolutionary concepts. In fact biochemistry is one of those disciplines which has provided significant support and credence for evolution. The discovery and analysis of homologous proteins can help trace the tree of life and biological ancestry. I wonder how Behe tackles these topics in class. Is he like a zombie who when in class has no problem saying that evolution is true, and then switches to "creationist mode" when he walks out of class? I would sure like to sit through some of his lectures.

As an aside, while the disclaimer says that he is entitled to his views, he almost certainly does not mention ID in his class, otherwise he could, and should, be fired. That's what makes me wonder even more just what is it that he exactly mentions in his classes.

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