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I am planning to donate money to the earthquake relief effort in Haiti. As usual I want to make sure the money is actually used promptly and through the right channels. Any thoughts on which organization it would be best to donate to? Candidates include Partners in Health, the American Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, the White House and musician Wyclef Jean (in many of these cases you can simply donate by texting; the amount will be added to your mobile phone bill)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps, PIH?

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly, do not expect your money to be used promptly. That simply will not happen. There are millions of $$ pouring from 'the big players' and they are going to be used up first (simply because they come with 'strings attached' for immediate relief).
I chose to donate to Yele for three important reasons: (a) 100% of the donation goes to relief efforts, (b) Yele is an organization that is focussed on Haiti, and it has been operating in Haiti since 2005, so it knows Haiti better than many other organizations and so is in a better position to help, and (c) a huge amount of money will be needed for rebuilding Haiti in the months and years to come; donating to orgs like Red Cross will likely divert my funds to other projects in the later months that may not be for Haiti, but donating to Yele ensures that my money will do to Haiti relief and rebuilding.

I just finished writing a blogpost about some guidelines I think everyone should follow (kinda like what I just outlined above), its at For more info on what you should look for in an organization you want to donate to, you can go here:

Hope this helps.

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Blogger Wavefunction said...

Thanks, both!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope this reaches you in time. "But as The Smoking Gun shows, Yele is not the soundest of charitable institutions: it has managed only one tax filing in its 12-year existence."

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