Thursday, June 10, 2004


Lately I have developed a beginner's interest in the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein, reputedly the most influential Philosopher of the twentieth century, whose work on language, logic and the mind marks a turning point in Philosophy and thinking in general. One would think that, in this increasingly materialistic world, the majority of people would get diverted from Philosophy in general towards the "Philosophy of Corporations" in particular ( I am sure that I am being very prescient in using this term. However, I humbly borrow it from "Austin Powers" where Doctor Evil's henchman, "Number 2" says that in the future, there probably would be no Governments, just Corporations) So I was pleasantly surprised when I typed a Wittgenstein book search in the online Library Catalog, found out that there are 615 titles (Who was this guy, exactly?!...), and also found out that the majority of the volumes are already checked out. Good to know that so many people are interested in this stuff and are reading it (I never imagined that I would be the only one wanting to read the books, but frankly, I also never imagined that there would be so many people interested in them). This experience is an especially heartening one, after my excursions in the Fergusson College Library, where I noticed more than once, that the book issued to me had been last issued in 1943 or so; truly antique. Anyway, so it means that there is hope for the world after all...:)


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