Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The interplay of art and science is manifest in the simplest of visions.

A gray sky in the morning with ominous clouds conquering its landscape, gigavolts of potential difference dancing back and forth; turbulence never saw a happier moment, with Navier and Stokes throwing the towel in in exasperated despair, hues of diffraction too complex to be woven in words...
And then the birds flew, and the absurdity and weak assumptions of our minds became clear, the completely artifical boundaries between the physics of flying, the chemistry of muscle action, the biology of sight, dissolve in a flush of adrenaline. Bernoulli holding sway over the contours of their wings, cyclic guanosine monophosphate shuttling furiously between cellular networks, flexors and extensors sensing rapidly changing glimpses of sky and light, flashes of electricity performing astonishing intercoulombic feats in the proverbial bird brains, lungs genuflecting and mocking Boyle in turns, mind and geomagnetic poles interacting to form a guiding runway home, an unexplained ballet between rods and cones and photons, milisecond conformational changes in virtually described double bonds, Feynman diagrams describing histories of retinal particles in the past and future, oxygen molecules that Cavendish breathed...at the heart of it all, simplicity makes a home for itself, everything emerges to form an expanse on an artist's canvas, a simple interplay of three lines on a poet's paper scrap. There is a nourishing beauty and simpliciity in complexity.

And then it started raining. I held to my book for dear life lest it get wet.


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