Saturday, August 27, 2005

Things in the US you (I) tend to spend a lot of money on:
(These are the things which you (I) tend up buying multiple no. of times due to a need to 'sample' them)

1. Lightbulbs- it took me about six attempts to get the right one that was neither too bright nor too dim for my room. Now I have about eight extra lightbulbs, probably enough to last me till graduation.

2. Cereal- after trying out about six or seven varieties, finally, I came back to pavillion and settled on good old cornflakes, but not before I spent a lot of money trying the other ones out.

3. Chappals- Something's always wrong; either the sole skids, the sides hurt, or they start getting hot. Took me three trials before I found the right one.

4. Air freshners- They may smell OK in the store, but they don't when you are forced to live in a room full of their smell for an extended period of time. Just like for perfumes, you have to find the right personal brand. Currently, I have four extra cans that I tried out but did not like. Now I will gift them to relatives (Oops! That was supposed to be a secret...;) )

5. Sunglasses- Took me three attempts before I found ones that did not make me look like a macho 'stud', did not slide down my nose even when I ran for the bus, and did not distort my vision.

The key point to be noted about all these products is that either you cannot try them out at all in the store, or you can try them out only in a limited way. Secondly, you immediately see the profits everyone is making, after realising that almost everything is mandatorily sold in multiples. I cannot buy just a single lightbulb, or a small can of freshner for sampling purposes. So in the end, if I don't like something, not only am I stuck with it, but a whole brood of it. That's how these guys make money. That's what The Corporation's about.


Blogger Chris said...

Actually there's a section in stores where trial sizes of things are available. CVS has them for sure.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, you can still return stuff, like air freshners, if u havent used 'em much. That's capitalism at work for ya!

12:24 PM  

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