Thursday, November 30, 2006


The New York Times editorial yesterday talks about a lawsuit brought against the US govt and the EPA for not imposing restrictions on CO2 emissions for new cars, something that was a part of the Clean Air Act. The lawsuit was filed by a few states including New York and Massachusetts. The lawsuit also includes an amici curiae filed by some of the leading climate scientists in the world. Of course Michael Crichton will hasten right away to denounce this cabal as a conspiracy clique. That would naturally undermine his own cabal, the one he, the FBI, and the EPA are all part of, won't it?

The document (PDF) is worth reading as it sets out quite clearly what is known about climate change and global warming. Anyone who thinks that the connection between human activites and global warming and ice-sheet melting, increase in hurricance intensity/frequency and impact on biodiversity of climate is not clear at all would benefit from the report. If you still think exactly the way you did before, then you should reach for the nearest good dictionary and look up the meaning of the phrases "likely" and "very likely".

Strongly recommended for those who think that "global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people" or anything close to that. Better be cautious than cuckoo, right?

Link: Realclimate


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