Sunday, February 10, 2008


Looks like Obama is now truly neck to neck with Hilary and might be set to get the nomination. Even if Hilary thinks she can win in Texas, I think it just might be possible for the Clinton-haters in Texas to vote for Obama. It would be a great day for this country and the world if he wins and a historic one if he becomes President. That said, I think a Obama vs McCain fight is going to be close and not easy. It might have been much easier with Romney vs Obama. McCain does carry the weight of experience. In addition, he might put off some conservatives, but it is possible that he can swing the minds of people on the fence with some of his moderate stances.

On the other hand, one must acknowledge that there are many Democrats who would not have voted for Hilary but who say they would vote for Obama. Then are also those somewhat muddle-headed people who would vote for Hilary by default because she is a woman. One of the most hilarious viewpoints I read came from a voter who said she would not vote for Obama because she does not like his "Muslim roots". Anyway, in general, it does seem that it would be much better and safer for the Democrats to have Obama as the nominee, to appease those Democratic voters who would not vote for Hilary (and who might even vote for McCain in a Hilary-McCain race).

In any case, I cannot help but think that this is one of the few elections in American history in which people all around the world are almost as interested and anxious about the results as the average American voter. That's because not only has Bush immensely harmed this country, but by trampling international laws, treaties, conventions and sentiments under his foot, he has also significantly harmed the world. The world needs Barack Obama as much as America does.

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Blogger Vivek Gupta said...

And there may be quite a few republicans as well who will be willing to vote for Obama but not for Hillary. Hillary's big problem in a general elections is that almost half the country starts out against her which makes it difficult for her to carry the swing states such as Florida or Ohio. An Obama nomination will certainly help the democrats in those states.

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