Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Whenever I rail and rant against the extreme right, I am often asked why I don't reserve the same kind of derision for the extreme left. My answer is simple. Of course I find the extreme left as crazy as the extreme right. But in my personal opinion, firstly the extreme left is not as widespread among mainstream politicians as the extreme right, and secondly and more importantly, I believe that the extreme right has a much bigger capacity to cause real harm than the extreme left.

For example, what's the extreme left going to do? Allow gay marriage in every state? Allow unbridled abortion in every state? Put up a gay atheist as a presidential candidate? Turn the United States into a socialist economy? That's never going to happen in this religious and capitalist nation, even if some of these actions are favourable ones. But what's the extreme right going to do? Allow creationism and prayer in every school? Try to ban not just gay marriage but homosexuality itself in every state? Try to stamp out creative capitalism and instead allow favoritism and rampant capitalism? Well, not only are they trying to do all this but they have come close to doing all this quite a few times. Especially the religious fundamentalism that's on the rise here is going to keep on fueling the ambitions and abilities of the extreme right.

Clearly both the extreme right and the extreme left can cause untold harm in theory, but the extreme right has the actual capacity and mainstream personnel to do it in practice, has done it before, and will always preserve that capacity in the future. I believe that's the nature of this country. That's why I don't worry as much about the extreme left as the extreme right.

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