Sunday, December 26, 2004


Adios Amigos! (Is that the correct plural?). I am finally leaving tomorrow, ready to bask in the warmth, literal and emotional, of amche Pune, and waiting to get back to those particular things close to all Punekars' hearts (and stomachs) (and my apologies to non Punekars or non Pune buffs); HOME, Mom and Dad, Mom's cooking, relatives and friends, Vaish and SPDP, Fergi and Fergi Road, Pune Univ canteen, Appachi khichadi kakdi, Vetal tekdi and Fergi tekdi, Gopi restaurant, Exploratory, KNP, Marzorin and MG road, and much much more (including lots that came up after I left). So the next post will be from my home computer, with me bundled up cosily in my grandfather's old chair, eating loads of shrikhand...Auf wiedersehen!


Blogger Confuzzled said...

Why no mention of laxmi road and tulsibaug.....:)
Welcome home and have fun....

12:39 AM  

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