Monday, June 05, 2006

Now why would some evangelicals worship god to ward off the devil's evil advances on 6/6/6?
Wouldn't that just rub him the wrong way even more? Instead, they should just worship the devil. But that they anyway do every other day, in the form of worshipping certain politicians.

Better to pretend that you are agnostic. That would confuse him.
O, and I am writing tomorrow's date as 6/6/06 anyway. Now since it is a well known fact that the devil's curses upon us depends on how we actually write the date, I should be safe. Better make it 06/06/06 just to be triply sure. In any case, the devil is very selective about his victims, so only evangelical Christians have to fear him.

They are also ostensibly coming out with a new version of 'The Omen' tomorrow. I dare say it may not be better than the first one, which was a classic starring Gregory Peck.


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