Monday, June 05, 2006


Javier Solana is in Tehran to persuade Iran to halt nuclear fuel enrichment.

Let's hope Ahmadinejad does not make Solana eat Solane

(For the uninitiated: It's the Marathi word for lentils curried and eaten with gusto by Maharashtrians, but curiously also fed to horses- no disparaging meaning implied of course. Singular- Solana)

Incidentally, this led me to Nupur's great blog One Hot Stove, where she has featured sumptuous Marathi fare, including the venerable Misal made with Solana Usal (the lentil, not the man), in a post.

Right now, I desperately feel like making a dash for the 'Aniket canteen' in Pune University, where I used to thrive on this small piece of heaven.


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